No return was in sight for Michael Jordan after his third retirement in 2003, but designer Tinker Hatfield made his comeback to the Jordan brand for 2005’s Air Jordan 20—his first Jordan design since the 15. Laces also returned with the 20, but were covered with an exquisitely detailed strap, which acknowledged Jordan’s legacy and extensive achievements.20 years. MJ and Jordan Brand had accomplished what no brand ever had before. They had built a lasting legacy, inspired millions of players around the globe and had given new meaning to the word greatness. Such accomplishment called for special shoe. MJ, alongside his old friend Tinker Hatfield, set out to remember the past two decades with the Air Jordan XX.With a 20th anniversary shoe as his canvas, Tinker’s design sought to tell MJ’s life story. Over 200 icons were embedded in the upper and through them the legend’s biography came to life. The symbols traversed MJ’s childhood, his sports career and the legacy behind the Air Jordan empire. 69 dimples along the side spoke of MJ’s highest scoring game.

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