The futuristic Tubular Series by adidas leads the way for a whole new generation of sneakers. Inspired by adidas’ rich running heritage but definitely bringing some fresh excitement by stepping away from traditional design standards, the adidas Tubular range is one of the most exciting sneaker collections available at the moment.The thrilling Tubular range is a good sign of where adidas sneakers are headed in the near future: bold, progressive designs, sleek uppers, premium materials (including all the latest adidas Knits), overall ““less is more” approach with a strong dose of technology mixed in. As a matter of fact, the adidas Tubulars are named after the shape of their brilliant engineered outsole, a full concave bi-density EVA tooling reminiscing of inner tire tubes and providing intense drive and cushioning.The designer of this Tubular concept, Nic Galway, based is creative approach on pushing the envelope in terms of technology. He took a trip to adidas’ archive, spotted a few design elements from unreleased gems of the past that he liked but that never made it to production due to their sheer manufacturing complexity at the time. Enabled by today’s plethoric production methods, Nic Galway could finally resuscitate some long-forgotten ideas that now all live within the adidas Tubular’s DNA.

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